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December 11, 2017

December 11, 2017

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December 11, 2017

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Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! GIFTS! GIFTS!

December 18, 2017

Ah, the holidays... Holiday parties, jolly music, family dinners, work parties, sequin tops, velvet pants, old friends, twinkling lights, and the perfect gift...


While shopping, there are normally two voices in my head.


One is my five-year-old inner-child whispering, "It's perfect" and the other is the Grinch nagging, "Gifts... gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts gifts!" Not sure what I mean? Check out the first minute of this clip - it's worth it, I promise.


Shopping for gifts is difficult when you already live on a tight if-you-could-even-call-it-that-eating-cereal-for-dinner-budget.


I want to give and give with my whole heart. I long to find the perfect gift. I hope for everyone to open something and have a warm, blissful glow on their face.


It's here that my head starts spinning. 


Did I spend enough on each person? Am I giving enough gifts? What about that favorite coworker? What about the nice neighbor? I bought my dad one really nice sweater that was totally out of my budget. It's undoubtedly a generous gift, but is it enough? Is just one gift enough?  


What exactly is enough?


When do you decide that what you already have and what you give 

is enough? How can we be at peace in this chaotic gift-giving season?


You may be thinking, "Emily, did you have coo-coo in your coco puffs this morning?"


My answer?

No, I can't afford it.


Just hear me out...


This is taking your yoga from your mat in to your real life; this is why we practice.


How you are today is enough


You have all the tools you need.


You are enough.


I hope you're connecting the dots here. If not, let me paint another picture:


You had a crazy day at work after a hectic weekend at home. You have million of thought spinning throughout your brain. You get to your yoga mat (reluctantly) with about 30 seconds to spare before class begins. You haven't been feeling well. You show up anyhow. You practice. You breathe. Who is the one that decides that your practice was enough? Who decides that the work you did was good enough-that was of value? 


You do. 


It's not an easy thing to do. I get it. It's difficult for me to say, "That was rewarding, it was enough."


This is why we practice.


I can't say that I'm on it all the time. This theme of "enough" has been the focus of my yoga practice over the last few weeks. At the beginning of class, I set my intention. I have been trying to bring in the mantra "I am enough." And honestly, it's difficult for me to fully believe this, but in the end, I decide that I am enough and my practice is enough. Even if I need to take a long break in the class, even if I don't hit all of the poses, even if I don't challenge myself to my ultimate edge and have a remarkable spiritual enlightenment. There are no gold stars. There is no big win. It is a choice that I make.


I practice this mantra on my mat and ready myself to take it off my mat into everyday life.


Connecting the dots?


The one gift I bought my dad is enough.


I didn't spend as much money on my brother as my sister (sorry, Josh), and what I have is enough.


I don't know if I found the perfect gifts for my coworkers. What I have is enough.


Truth: I am practicing.


If you are still having a tough time this holiday season, and trust me, I don't blame you (looking at you, Mom), maybe when you step on to your mat today, invite yourself to be enough.


Say it aloud, "I am enough" (and awesome).


I invite you to make this conscious decision and see where it takes you - See how you show up for your family, your friends. See how you feel for yourself when you decide you are enough.


Inhale. "I AM"

Exhale. "ENOUGH"


Have a happy holiday, loves; see you in the sunshine!





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